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Since our businesses growing rapidly and looking for qualified candidates to fill in following JOB SCOPE:
Basic requirement for the person:

• Strong skill in English, Chinese and computer operations;
• Good Team player;
• Strong independent working ability;
• Strong self-motivation, capable of working independently.
• University graduate in Acoustics engineering, Electronic engineering, Test and Measurement and Precision instrument

Job title: Assistant of account manager

Major activities/responsibilities:
Support to Account manager, promote our product to satisfy our customer needs.

Organize and conduct promotion activities with existing and potential customers; Develop and manage the business organization for project to maximize effectiveness in satisfying the customers needs; Participate in detail technical and general commercial contract negotiations. Good skills on communication with people and presentation products.

Job title: Technical Support

Major activities/responsibilities:
Customer service and project execution.

Experience on hardware and software maintenance and service; System installation and integration capability. Experience with and/or in project execution; Good skills on time management. Good knowledge on leading edge of new technology and product.




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